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Welcome to Greenbrook Gypsy Cobs

Located in Jimbour, QLD just over an hour West of Toowoomba, Greenbrook Gypsy Cobs is a small boutique stud breeding quality purebred and part-bred Gypsy Cobs.

Whilst we have a limited number of purebred Gypsy Cobs our focus is on quality. All our purebreds prove themselves in the show ring in open competition before joining our breeding program. The aim of Greenbrook Gypsy Cobs is to breed a quality line of larger traditional cobs over 14.2hh that are both versatile and as conformationally correct as possible.

Our part-bred breeding program is focused on Gypsy Sport horses. These horses are predominately Gypsy Cob, Thoroughbred crosses. All our mares have proven themselves in their chosen discipline prior to joining our breeding programme. With the infusion of the quiet Gypsy Cob temperament and added bone these horses are suitable for nervous adult riders, pony club mounts, family mounts, trail riding and light to medium harness classes.