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Our Mares

Glenbogyl Park Southern Skye


Sire: The Laird of Glenbogyl

Dam Cloud of Brackenhill

DOB: 19 November 2010

Height: 14.3hh

DNA Parent Verified and colour tested

 Tobiano: nT.    Red -Black Factor: EE.  click here

Bob's Blossom (IMP)

Sire: Bob The Blagdon

Dam: Donna's Henry Horse

DOB: 1 January 2005

Height: 15.1 1/2hh

DNA Parent Verified and colour tested 

 Tobiano: nT.    Red -Black Factor: EE. Click Here

N'Co The Front Cover Story (IMP)

Sire: The Headliner

Dam Dreamcatcher

DOB: 19 November 2010

Height: 15.1hh

DNA Parent Verified 3 generations and colour tested

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Devlin Park Pipi Longstocking


Sire: Devlin Park Sabre (50% Gypsy Cob)

Dam:  Skye (Clydesdale)

DOB: 7th October 2010

Height: 15.2hh est mature height

Partbred Gypsy Cob click here



Dayzee TB

Sire: Auscash

Dam: Great Expectations

DOB: 4 October 2004

Height: 15.1hh

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